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HAIR is proud to be a official licenced venue for Nanokeratin smoothing system

A complete straightening and smoothing system for all hair types with 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde, brightens colour and smooths cuticle, for softer smoother, more manageable, no frizz hair last up to 6 months.

Keratin smooth before.jpg
keratin after.jpg


Before choosing the treatment that is right for you, we will need to see you for a free, no obligation consultation.
During this time we will take a look at your hair explain the process and skin test you, establish what level of smoothness you are looking for and then a treatment bespoke to you is created.
Following that we can book you in for the treatment. During you appointment you will be with one stylist the the whole time, as a result no other appointments will be booked during your time and a 50% deposit will be required at time of booking.

You can book your free consultation online below or call us at the salon for more information of or help

01843 297301


Refine for coloured Hair

Refine is for Coloured treated hair types 

Up to 4 hours                  £210


Revive for Natural Hair

Revive is for natural/ virgin hair, previouly no colour treatments.

Up to 3 hours                     £170


Replenish for Blonde Hair

Replenish is for natural and peroxide blondes, very over processed or damaged hair.

Up t0 3 hours                 £170


Refortify for Afro Caribbean 

Refortify treatment is for very thick or long hair, Afro Caribbean or Latino hair

Up to 5 hours                     £250

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